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The Ledgerbook of Thomas Blue Eagle, by Jewel Grutman and Gay Matthaei, illustrated by Adam Cvijanovic


A visually stunning fictional account of a young nineteenth-century Sioux warrior's quest for knowledge that takes him from the plains of his childhood to a far-off boarding school where he learns the ways of the white world--and the value of his own traditions.

A hand-calligraphed tribute to the narrative pictographs recorded by Plains artists in the ruled ledgerbooks they acquired in trade, the weaving of Cvijanovic's richly detailed original illustrations in the "ledger" style into a simply written story inspired by actual events holds appeal for young readers and those who wish to learn more about Native American art and history.

The Journal of Julia Singing Bear, by Jewel Grutman and Gay Matthaei, illustrated by Adam Cvijanovic


Set on the nineteenth-century frontier, the sequel to The Ledgerbook of Thomas Blue Eagle, follows a Lakota girl who learns photography at a white school and uses it to capture her people's way of life.

The Sketchbook of Thomas Blue Eagle, by Jewel Grutman and Gay Matthaei, illustrated by Adam Cvijanovic


"My story begins in 1885 when I was eighteen winters..." In eloquent and often illuminating prose accompanied by engaging illustrations, this fictional sketchbook picks up where award-winning The Ledgerbook of Thomas Blue Eagle left off. Much of the details of Blue Eagle's remarkable travels through Europe are based on fact, providing an accurate view of what life might have been like for a young Lakota Indian at the end of the nineteenth century. The period format and handlettering, designed to replicate an original sketchbook from the era, add to its timeless appeal. And the well-researched, beautifully written text will engage readers of all ages as they follow the adventures of Blue Eagle. Complete with an informative afterword by Lakota Elder Arthur Amiotte, The Sketchbook of Thomas Blue Eagle is a compelling portrait of Native American history and will captivate historians, art lovers, and children alike.